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The upside of being broke (a Freelancer story)

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Okay, so after checking my PayPal account after a period of inactivity I noticed something odd in my activity history. For the previous couple of months, every other day, I was receiving transfers from my bank account for roughly $10 (these were all denied, more on this later). I did not authorize these transfers, so I went into full investigative mode.

I went through my emails and realized that the first transfer coincides with a month after the time I signed up for (spoiler alert: they suck!). At the time they said I get a free month of “plus” membership, but, as it turns out, they automatically grab your money out of your PayPal account after the first month, so that you continue to “benefit” from their shitty membership plan.

The joke’s on them, though! I was broke so there was no money to be grabbed! :) Haha … ha … :( … Aaanyway, that’s the reason why there were sometimes daily transfer attempts and why they were all denied. My (empty) PayPal account was automatically trying to get money from my (also empty) bank account in order to fund’s despicable business plan.

For all you poor souls who also fell for’s devilish charms, here’s what you should do:

  1. Go to PayPal > Profile > My Money > My preapproved payments (click on update) > FREELANCER INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD and Cancel the authorization;
  2. Go to > cancel your account > fuck all this noise! It really is the worst of all freelancing platforms. Bottom line is, you’re just better off never having to deal with them.
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