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TLF TextField not working on IOS

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It seems that TLFTextField is not working on iOS with Adobe Air SDK 15 and it’s a known issue for Adobe Air SDK 16 beta as the release notes states:

iOS tlfText not rendering, when application packaged with new fast packaging engine

The solution is to switched back to the legacy compiler by adding a new package argument -useLegacyAOT yes


Invalid Segment Alignment IOS Adobe Air

Adobe Air: Invalid Segment Alignment iOS

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I got the Invalid Segment Alignment error when I was uploading an update for  an iOS application to iTunesConnect with Application Loader and I was using the latest adobe Adobe Air SDK 15.0.302.

The thing is that is not the latest release of the Adobe Air SDK 15, the one in the labs is a newer build 15.0.349

Go update the Air 15 SDK from labs and the Invalid Segment Alignment error is gone.

Problem solved.


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